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A large quantity of goods of well-known brands has arrived at our warehouse!

Dear LEIGIV OÜ clients! A large quantity of goods of well-known brands has arrived at our warehouse! Rapala – 2000 products; Shinamo – 120 products; Keitech – 320 products; Solvkroken – 250 products; Daiwa – 200 products; Okuma – 50 products
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Merganser Reels

Directly from the factory we received a batch of Merganser brand reels. The Kestros, Ballista, Amentum, Atlatl models have spare graphite spool; SKU NAME 69370 Rull Merganser Bolas 2000 1BB 69371 Rull Merganser Bolas 3000 1BB 69372 Rull Merganser Bolas 4000 1BB 69373 Rull Merganser Bolas+ 2000 3BB 69374 Rull Merganser Bolas+ 3000 3BB 69375 Rull Merganser Bolas+ 4000 3BB 69376 Rull Merganser Kestros 2000 3+1BB 69377 Rull Merganser Kestros 3000 3+1BB...
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We finally received a shipment of RYOBI fishing rods.

We finally received a shipment of RYOBI Rods. Check out the new Varius and Vitrus! 98470 Spin.RYOBI VARIUS CAST RCV76M 2,30m 7-35g IM8 98471 Spin.RYOBI VARIUS JERK RJV66H 1,8m 40-140g IM8 98474 Spin.RYOBI VIRTUS 2,10 3-18g IM7 98475 Spin.RYOBI VIRTUS...
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Owner has arrived from Japan

84183 Konks 50188-16 must kroom 84184 Konks 50188-14 must kroom .615 Konks 50188-12 must kroom .616 Konks 50188-10 must kroom .618 Konks 50188-08 must kroom .619 Konks 50188-06 must kroom .620 Konks 50188-04 must kroom 84039 Konks 50188-01 must kroom...
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Brand NEW rods, rod cases and fishing chairs by Merganser

Brand NEW rods, rod cases and fishing chairs by Merganser Find them here 69322   Rod Merganser Halberd pole 6m 69323   Rod Merganser Halberd pole 7m 69324   Rod Merganser Halberd pole 8m 69318   Rod Merganser Kontos bolo 4m 69319   Rod Merganser Kontos bolo 5m 69320   Rod Merganser Kontos bolo 6m 69321   Rod Merganser Kontos bolo 7m 69315   Spinning Merganser Crowbar 1,65m 100-250g 69316   Spinning Merganser Crowbar 2,1m 100-250g 69317   Spinning Merganser Crowbar 2,4m 100-250g 69333   Spinning Merganser Foil 2,1m 10-30g 69331   Spinning Merganser Foil 2,1m 3-12g 69332   Spinning Merganser Foil 2,1m 5-20g 69335  ...
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New products from SIWEIDA

New products from SIWEIDA Find them here 79946   Braided line Zhibo Shield sinking 0,4mm 100m multicolor 79930   Carbon spare tip SWD 0,8m x 3,5mm carbon 79929   Carbon spare tip SWD 0,8m x 3mm carbon 79932   Carbon spare tip SWD 0,8m x 4,5mm carbon 79931   Carbon spare tip SWD 0,8m x 4mm carbon 79934   Carbon spare tip SWD 0,8m x 5mm carbon L201    Glass spare tip  SWD 0,79м L381    Glass spare tip SWD 0,41м L388    Glass spare tip SWD 0,67м 79920   Glass spare tip SWD 1,17м 82264   Signal bell-2 SWD plast.hoidjaga 7004161 A632    Signal bell-2 SWD plast.hoidjaga 7005161 69300   Landing net SWD 0,6m 69301   Landing net SWD 0,6m rubber 69298   Landing net SWD 0,7m 69299  ...
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RYOBI Reels are here!

We have finally received the long-awaited shipment of reels from the RYOBI factory! A great assortment with several new models! Check out our wholesale e-store the see your current prices. 83048  Rull RYOBI Excia 3000 83029  Rull RYOBI Ecusima 1000Vi...
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Luminous Elements – glow sticks

LUMINOUS ELEMENTS – strike signalers for night fishing; One box – 50 packs; 69146 Ujuki valgustuselement Hotaru 4.5x37mm 50x2tk 69147 Ujuki valgustuselement Hotaru Bulb 4.5x37mm 50x2tk 69149 Ujuki valgustuselement kinnitusega Hotaru M 2.0-2.6mm 50x2tk 69148 Ujuki valgustuselement kinnitusega Hotaru S...
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New fishing lines from RYOBI have arrived! sku name RY522 RYOBI Fluorocarbon 0,148mm 1,20kg 30m RY523 RYOBI Fluorocarbon 0,165mm 1,48kg 30m RY524 RYOBI Fluorocarbon 0,185mm 1,85kg 30m RY525 RYOBI Fluorocarbon 0,205mm 2.22kg 30m RY526 RYOBI Fluorocarbon 0,235mm 2.94kg 30m RY527...
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Strike-Pro Pig Shad is finally here!

98306 SP-172C#009 20cm 50gr 96251 SP-172C#100 20cm 50gr 96252 SP-172C#102 20cm 50gr 96253 SP-172C#103 20cm 50gr 97088 SP-172C#104 20cm 50gr 97091 SP-172C#108 20cm 50gr 97092 SP-172C#111 20cm 50gr 98307 SP-172C#115 20cm 50gr 98308 SP-172C#117 20cm 50gr 98007 SP-172C#122 20cm 50gr...
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